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"One who reclaims and defines what it means to live a successful life.  To live authentically and genuinely.  Challenging oneself to exist in truth and often going against the grain of society.  To design a life that is aligned with your true wants and needs.

Life Designer:


Hey there. I'm Kemi Hill!

I'm a self care advocate, empath, lover of nature, recovering workaholic and self proclaimed "Life Designer".

Like many, the last few years completely forced me to take a look at my life and it scared the shit out of me.  The pandemic allowed me the space to actually slow down but when that happened all the things I suppressed came to surface.  I had years of emotions, trauma, anger and fears that all showed up in a number of different ways.   Being a woman who is naturally "busy", I didn't know how to handle this thing I was experiencing.  


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Immersive storytelling

Four women share in their truth and vulnerability around self discovery.

Guided Journaling

You will be guided in meditation and intentional journaling around various subjects all focused on Life design.

Book your life!

In order to design your life, you must book your life!  Bring your calendars and to do list as we create more sustainable schedules for ourselves… including scheduling in daily selfcare.

Our Community

We are women of color who are inspired to design a well lived life that is in alignment with our truth.  We are tired of fitting into societal norms that no longer serve us.  We are a community who provides a safe space for healing and a strong sense of connecting back to self.  Honesty and living our truth is at the core of our journey.  Healing ourselves  will equate to stronger communities, loving households and help fight against the growing mental health issues we are seeing increase.  We are equipping ourselves to be light workers in these unstable times.

Coming Soon

Life Design School

Introducing our Design Your Life course

You are a life designer and this 10 week course will pull it out of you!  The lessons will guide you through a 9 step process of how to design a life that aligns with who you are. Not only will you be inspired but you will receive practical steps to implement into your daily life.  As you access the power of who YOU are, get ready to live differently!

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